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The family will be collecting funds to donate to Gary Memorial United Methodist Church. Julie Michelle Wilson will be presenting the church with the charitable donation, during the Funeral Service on February 22, 2022.

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Gary Memorial United Methodist Church

Gary Memorial United Methodist Church is a historic stone church set on a hill in Patapsco State Park. The church was constructed in 1879 by James A. Gary as a memorial to his father, James S. Gary. Their family owned the Alberton Manufacturing Company, which provided the main source of revenue for the city at the time. The church remained an integral part of the community, even after the town was no longer simply a mill town. In 1972, tropical storm Agnes flooded the town, but the church was the only structure to remain completely intact.

Not only is Gary Memorial United Methodist Church significant in the local history of the community, but it is also a notable architectural structure. It blends the Howard County granite block architecture with the Gothic Revival style of the period, with a flavor of the Medieval French Style, with its conical rooded entrance belfry tower, the roof of which is designed to appear as if it is floating above the tower.

Donate: About Us
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